Using AI to Source Talent

John Miller
October 6, 2023

AI Utilisation in Candidate Vetting

The World and their Wife/Husband are currently looking for highly skilled, readily available resource talent – and in plenty of cases, anywhere on the planet. In whatever field that talent may be, they will be highly sought after and will no doubt have a number of opportunities to assess. Obviously, the type of role and compensation will play a large part in that decision. However, we at Voodoo Park have also learned that the ‘candidate experience’ is also very important. They understandably want regular updates, clear communication on the process and an expectation of the recruitment timetable.

On the other side of the same coin is the client, who have their own expectations around speed to deploy, quality of candidates and variety of options from which they can choose.

It is clear then that a lot rests on our ability to review candidates, at scale, in a very timely fashion. Any delay in deployment impacts negatively on all parties; our resource, our client and us.

Thankfully, there is a new tool in our armoury. We are now able to vet CVs and match it to the job description using artificial intelligence. Whereas until very recently this was a very manual process, we are now able to validate an application in minutes, ask for a percentage score in terms of suitability, have a precis of the applicants strengths and very quickly from dozens of applications (or many many more) have a qualified shortlist for onward transfer.

This is a game changer for us. It was the pinch point in our process and meant that we were limited in the amount of applications we could take – that is not now the case.

Using AI for this process not only increases efficiency and speed. The other significant benefits include;

· Eradication of ‘human bias’

· Removal of the risk of two different individuals coming to a different conclusion on the same candidate

· The direct cost associated with manual reviews

· In addition, the costs (both financial and reputational) of a mis-hire

Needless to say, reliance on AI to take this exercise on in entirety, does not happen overnight. As with all AI systems there is a period of learning, calibration, relearning and manually reviewing output. However, once this has been set up to work the way that you would like it, the only limitation on processing applications is sourcing them in the first place.

The system you are using will then use the data that you are feeding in to identify patterns and trends, which will in itself translate to better performance going forward.

So, in conclusion, embracing AI to assist with validating and processing CVs and applications, is not only a very sound investment for organisations seeking to improve and turbo charge their hiring process but also an essential step towards ensuring a fair and inclusive recruitment landscape. By harnessing the power of AI, companies can save time and resources while attracting the best talent to drive their success in today's competitive market.