Building Apps with legacy systems- Can you win?

David Glennie
October 6, 2023

Can you really develop apps that integrate with legacy systems? With VDP you can.

“We’re building an open source 5G, AI, ML, IoT bot for a disruptor in open banking.” It’s a job to tell if that’s for real or an April Fool, isn’t it?

Actually it’s not far off some of the briefs we’ve received in the past and I bet your LinkedIn feed is full of similar announcements and ambition.

It’s true the latest technology is infectious. At VDP we love the progress and change it instigates. But in our experience, keeping up with competitors can sometimes mean people want to use all of the new tech to build a transformative solution and boast they have the shiniest app on offer.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you end up with the best. It’s really important to cherry pick technology so you end up with an app – if that’s what you want – that improves life for your employees, clients or suppliers. There really is no point if you don’t set out with that in mind.

We take on a lot of projects with this objective and many do warrant the integration of AI. It would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t. And frankly, it’s imperative in some respects. You only need to look at some of the stats and projections for digital banking to appreciate that digital transformation is a must. The use of digital wallets jumped by 83% in the pandemic, 2020 saw over 779 billion digital transactions worldwide, which is expected to grow 13% in the coming years and make cash payments the least common payment method by 2022. Blockchain is expected to boost the global economy to $1.76 trillion over the next decade. You simply can’t ignore it. Progress is here.

But it’s also a head scratch for many organisations. How on earth do they make progress happen and integrate new things into the legacy systems they’ve poured millions of dollars into over the years? Put simply, you need a partner that firstly has the experts who can build the cutting edge and have the aptitude and skills to make it work with legacy platforms. It’s rare to find both.

Many software developers have moved on to only develop skills related to the new tech. And why not? But it’s left a gaping hole in terms of past languages and development skills.

At VDP we close the gap. Our sprint teams include experts who can do both. And it’s why we’re chosen by the finance industry time and again.

Take a look at our case study with a Big Four consultancy where we digitally transformed its tax transfer platform. The remit was to design and create a new platform to allow fund managers to better manage their transfer tax liabilities. By keeping things simple and understanding the use case and the way the new tech needed work and integrate with the old, we developed an app in 12 weeks that achieved record sales and adoption among existing and new customers soon after launch.

So if you are looking for an expert who will design and build a product that works brilliantly and can integrate it into your existing product environment then talk to us. Whether it’s in finance, utilities of pharma we can make it happen.