Building a Global store of Tax information for all PWC Businesses

Provided services:

Solution Design

UI / UX Design

Build, Test, Deploy

Angular, Voodoo Framework, Node

The Customer:

PwC ranks as the second largest professional services network in the world and is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms. PwC firms operate in 158 countries, with 250,930 people delivering global revenues of £33.15 Billion in 2018

Project Summary:

Design and creation of a new platform to manage all tax rules and rating information for all taxes in all territories in the world


•    Design

•    PM

•    Development

•    Voodoo Framework

•    Azure

•    MS SQL

•    QA


PwC has tax consultants in 158 countries. Ensuring that customers had access to accurate tax information for all the territories they operated in was a significant overhead for the PwC network.

A solution was required that would allow consultants in each jurisdiction to manage tax rules and rates and enable consultants in other jurisdictions to access this validated information.


In addition to manual users logging in and accessing Tax information it was also decided that the platform should support large scale financial platforms via an API that would allow customers like banks to dynamically confirm global tax information programatically. This added an order of magnitude to the scale required from the application and use cases involving a huge number of simultaneous requests needed to be accommodated.


The solution was based on the Voodoo Framework our custom built library. Its features include:

•    Lifecycle management

•    Dependency injection

•    MVC pattern

•    REST api with support for HAL

•    Database agnostic

•    Built in caching solution

•    Very small distribution package

•    Integrates with azure application insights.

•    Automatically generated swagger documentation

•    Optimised to run on serverless environments, such as Azure App Service

•    preconfigured for IISNode

•    Scalable horizontally by design.

Ready made CLI framework to write command line tools


The platform was launched to 158 territories and 1 API customer simultaneously.

This globally scale platform has operated under high load without any downtime and is now a core asset of the PwC Network.

As a result of the success of the project PwC have retained a number of Voodoo Parallel teams to support and develop all of their UK based Tax platforms and products.