Revolutionizing Sales Operations for BD through Custom iPad Apps and CMS

Provided services:

Architecture Design

UI / UX Design

Full Build, Test, Deploy and Support

iOS Apps

Bespoke SalesForce Integration

Localisation to 20 territories

The Customer:

BD is an American medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems, and reagents. It was founded in 1897 and has grown to employ over 70,000 in more than 50 countries. Its customers include health authorities, hospitals, governments and the general public. In 2017 BD achieved £9.8 Billion in revenue.

Project Summary:

Creation of a suite of mobile and platform technologies that would enable BD’s direct global sales teams to sell more efficiently whilst gathering richer customer insight.


•    Design

•    PM

•    Full Stack Development

•    iOS

•    SalesForce

•    QA


BD asked Voodoo to create a range of mobile apps that would empower their sales teams.

Product catalogues are large and complex and a more intuitive and engaging way was needed to interact with customers.

The solution would have to be available in 14 languages and also customise itself in response to BD’s complex customer segmentation


BD have a large direct sales force working across the globe, in 14 different languages. They also have a very broad range of customers and, beneath that, a very broad range of disciplines within a customer. The messaging needs to be customised for each meeting.

Additionally all the data associated with a meeting needs to be collected and entered into salesForce.

Finally a summary of what was discussed and reviewed in the meeting needs to be automatically created and emailed to the customer at the end of the sales visit.


We created a suit of iPad apps and a custom CMS all of which integrated with BD’s salesforce instance.

The apps were translated into 14 languages and all localisation managed automatically by the apps.

Our SoniQ analytics platform was used to gather deep interaction data and understand how the apps were being used and track client interactions.

The content of the apps changed dynamically depending on the customer and the role of the individual the sales person was demonstrating to.


The BD sales platform has change the way BD sells internationally. It provides all customers with a consistent yet personalised experience and ensures that all customer interactions are logged in salesforce where they can form part of a deeper customer insight.

The BD sales Apps won internal awards for innovation and excellence in delivery.